April 5, 2016


Your soul is stamped with Don Quixote
that brave, poetic, quirky classical Spanish knight.
You are full of honor and goodness and idealism
And you fight for the virtues & values you hold dear.

Your jokes, points of reference, gestures & styles
are completely & indisputably Spanish.
You measure in metric, sound out English words in Spanish
and you couldn't care less about George Washington!

A soccer ball is never far from you
not far from your feet or from your thoughts.
The Beautiful Game has captured you in this land -
And taught you many life-lessons.

You easily gather friends, welcoming them in,
Any excuse to be together serves you -
from school projects to birthdays to just hanging out.
Spanish friends are loud & joyful, honest & unabashed.

Your favorite language, foods and fĂștbol players
speak of the land you were born in.
Your father worries that sometimes you are
more like his Spanish best friend than like him!

What's a mother to do?!

Your nocturnal nature baffles me;
Staying up late - even all night - is your greatest pleasure!
I have no idea how you do that...
Or why anyone would want to do that!

Do not fret when you feel a sense of not belonging
in certain groups, in other cultural circles.
You are still becoming & solidifying your own sense of self
Someday you will be able to roam freely among them all.

In your honest wrestlings with faith,
We will walk beside you loyally like Sancho Panza.
These are part of life anywhere & in every generation
We believe in you and what you will choose.

Sunny, southern Spain has marked you forever!
Here you have grown up and enjoyed life, even suffered and matured.
You have been educated, loved and befriended.
God has given you this most special context as a gift.

Like the Andalusian horses from this region -
strong, spirited, beautiful and unique (like Rocinante haha)
Your heritage is easily identifiable -
No matter where you go in the world.

You have a passport that says Americano.
But your heart is stamped forever Don Quixote.

Photo by:  Laura Eller

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