June 8, 2014


For my dear brother Joel.
(2/26/63 - 2/1/2014)

Abalone Guy
Life has got you clinging to a rock
Your muscular foot firmly agrip.
Tides & waves & other creatures
Cannot move you.
Your underwater life gives shape to your shell:
Irregular, rough, indescript greys & browns -
The sea has got you.

Abalone Guy
Your vulnerable side was cut off the rock,
Sliced off aggressively, netted, to be used by others.
They took out your insides & sold them for profit.
Your shell was tossed in a heap
Valuable only to those with a special eye -
A dark world has got you.

Abalone Guy
Your pristine colors glinting in the sun,
Reflecting your most real, inner self.
Smooth as glass, iridescent pastel hues;
A perfect melding together of colorful juxtaposition -
Beauty has got you.

Abalone Guy
Your history has distinct parts, like layers in your shell.
Your family & friends have left their mark,
The sea has touched you deeply.
Beauty & love have left their mark on your soul.
Your time underwater was cold & dark,
And we could not reach you, though we tried -
History has got you.

Abalone Guy
I will remember you for your beauty,
For your inner shell,
For the colors that were you,
For the brother that you were,
For the kindness of your soul,
For the laughter in your eyes,
For your love of peace & quiet.
For these things & much more -
My memory holds you,
My heart has got you.

Abalone Guy
this is how I choose
to remember you.

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