November 3, 2013


"Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You,
who walk in the light of Your presence, O Lord."
Psalm 89:15

I was thinking about what it means to "acclaim" Him. Apparently it is something learned...and there is blessing if you do.  This wondering took me to the dictionary where I read:  

"to welcome or salute with shouts or sounds of joy and approval; applaud; to announce or proclaim..."

Have I intentionally welcomed Him into my day today?  Is my heart a welcoming place for His Spirit?  Is He a welcome part of my conversations and decisions?  Do I make a place for Him and welcome Him naturally into my relationships with friends, acquaintances and co-workers?

How is my saluting of Him going today? Have I given some time to "shouts and sounds of  joy and approval"?  I know how to do that when I watch a Barcelona football match!  Can I find appropriate expressions for the King of kings who has won the Match of all Time?

Have I applauded His amazing character by emulating His life of integrity today?  Have I applauded His works today?  The quiet ones, the obvious ones, the behind-the-scene ones?  Have I taken time to notice - and then to applaud?  Have I "applauded" Him to someone else?

And how am I doing today at announcing and proclaiming Him?  In words - many or few, in my listening, in my actions & responses to people and circumstances, in silent prayers, in encouraging faith-words to someone, in robust discussion with someone antagonistic about my faith, in acts of kindness on the freeway or in a line, with boldness in a social situation or quietly over coffee with a searching friend. Proclaiming Him - the One who put a seal on my heart - should be hopefully a spillover into every day as I walk with Jesus.

I want the blessing of learning to acclaim Him.  I want to walk in the light of His presence.

Don't you?

Photo by:  Bahman Farzad

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