August 2, 2013


I am eager to find you today, to be with You.
Eager to get to my special place with You,
to pour out the longing, the needs, to sense You there.
And You are there.

With anxiety still clinging to my heart,
I start to quiet, to drop things, to notice
And I sense Your quiet delight to be here,
I sense Your peaceful, holistic attention - to me.
You are completely unhurried & unruffled as a leader.
You govern the affairs of the universe, yet right now
You are all mine, You are all here.

How do you do that?

How do You meet me with Your complete attention?
How can You be so undistracted as the Leader of the world?
How is it You never make me feel You need to go,
or that this time is a sacrifice or a burden to You
or that You are preoccupied about other things or people dear to You?
You are always fully present to me.

I long to learn this Love-Skill from You,
to imitate "fully present" to those in my life.
I know I am not omnipresent...
but I am dreadfully self-centered!
This morning it has caught in my throat,
this obsession when under fire to complete tasks
and I become prisoner to a List.
It screams demandingly at me for attention,
ignites adrenalin & focus and is given over to momentum.
It is so hard for me to stop that speed, that roaring, driven velocity.
I need Your holy help - for perspective, for choosing well,
for knowing Your mind about where - and whom - to give myself to.

Help me, dear Savior, to be saved from myself in this;
To be Holy Spirit trained to discern Your interruptions.
Whether the interruptions are physical - a knock at the door,
a ringing phone, a request to Skype...
Or mental - a prompting, a thought about someone who needs a friend,
a word, an ear or even important information.

Lord, let me be unhurried with these precious ones.
The ones You clearly put in my day, in my path.
Give me Your discernment through this time with You now,
as I hear You speak to me, let me speak
as I observe Your attentive listening to me, let me listen
as You give me gentle feedback, wise counsel, let me depend on You for that for others.

Let me be fully present to them -
As You are to me.


  1. beautifully penned dear friend.

  2. These are my heart's words, written so clearly. You have focused my thoughts where they should be--not on my limitations, my lists, but on my perfectly present Savior. God be praised for His Spirit's moving among us. . . and for your offering of words that bless.


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