August 18, 2013


For my dearest firstborn experiencing life far away from home.

Today I bring You an offering...
I carry it in trembling hands
and with a heart of mixed emotions.
Finally my will & my love for You triumph
and I place it at the altar.

For love of You, Jesus,
My Beloved, My Savior, my Best Friend
I give You my birthday offering
In this faraway land.

It has always meant a celebration to me -
Family, friends, surprises, greetings.
My various cultures have bred in me
the belief that birthdays mean nearness
to ones who know & love me.

Yet this morning I read,
"The nearness of God is my good."*
And so I decided to celebrate that truth
with the One who loved me first,
with the One who dances over me with joy,
with the One who has greeted  and surprised me
and showered on and celebrated me every day of my life.

He has celebrated me -
and I have celebrated Him
on four continents these 22 years.
And today we will celebrate again...
with love & laughter sweeter than any cake
with memories more colorful than balloons & ribbons
He will dance with me and stay up as late as I like -
to share secrets & cups of tea.

It will be a wonderful birthday after all!
In this new, faraway land.
A sacrifice of praise and a celebration of love
with the very One who had the idea of me.
Who crafted me in the womb,
and who decided on my birth day,
and my destiny,
and this, my calling, to faraway places.

He has known me -
and knows me still.
"His nearness is my good."
on my birthday - and every day
in this faraway land.

*Psalm 73:28

Photo by:  Johannes Jansson


  1. What a beautiful message. I just want to add my birthday wishes to Jenna. Lots of great memories of our time in the S.S. class.


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