April 17, 2013


(for fellow struggling soldiers...your honesty slays me...and touches the heart of God)

When life is heavy
your spirit feels its weight.
Your body absorbs it, slows,
sometimes it reacts, protests with varying symptoms.
Your emotions well up & gather at the surface -
at the slightest provocation, they spill out.
Life feels messy when it's heavy.

When life is heavy
there is so little control.
You may want to fight - but be too weary.
You may want to flee - but to where?
You may want to give up - but you're in it too deep.
You are trapped.

Heaviness is not usually welcomed.
But it does hold an opportunity.

Without darkness, we would not perceive light.
Without being trapped, we could not know rescue.
Without emotion, we would be ignorant of the many dimensions of God's heart.
Without need, we could not know redemption.

When life is heavy
and all seems dark,
Invite the Spirit into that place with you.
He is not afraid to be there.
He is not surprised or dismayed by your yo-yo-ing emotions
or your honest questions or your struggling faith.

He will be quiet with you there.
He will listen carefully there.
He will just "be" with you there.

If you pay attention,
you may begin to notice that in the midst of heaviness
there is actually quite a bit of life.
It just doesn't look like what you're used to.

In this altered, needy state,
as you invite Him in,
He will begin a new revelation-work.
Ask Him to help you notice these heaviness-wrapped revelations,
these new bits of life in the dark.

They are most certainly there simply because He is there -
And He always draws us toward life.
He Himself is life.

When life is heavy...
Invite Him there
and notice the life-revelations.

Photo by: Anita nowinska


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