March 9, 2013


(For my dear father-in-law who walks some of his last days on earth...
and for my precious husband experiencing the good-bye.)

Today I heard the sounds of heaven 
It wasn't loud, just light celestial notes
They floated in and landed in the room -
The background music is in place.

Today I tasted heaven 
through the sweetness that hung in the air
of someone close to going Home...
A mixture of love-laden tears & golden, honey-glory 
filtering down from above -
You could taste the love-glory there.

Today I felt heaven
as I touched his translucent cheek, held his still hand, 
whispered to him our secret father-son things.
It became palpable and I reached for it,
held it, treasured it.

Today I saw heaven
In the sacred sharing
In the waiting & wondering
about when he will cross over.
I could see him with the rays of light, a river, 
and the holy white radiance of a Face of waiting love -
And I saw his longing for it.

Today I smelled heaven's wonder
I closed my eyes & inhaled
the intoxicating perfume that had wafted into that room;
it drifted its way into my memory to leave its mark.
It filled all with a sense of wonder
at this tender drama
being lived out in our presence.

With each sense invaded
and with my spirit bearing witness,
I knew without a doubt 
That heaven is very near.
It's near for him...
But he's also made it near for me, too.

Photo by:  teguh sn


  1. Oh Pam, you've made me cry again and again . . . now Grandma and I are crying. This is a beautiful piece. You took my tear filled expression of the experience with my Dad, beautified it and filled it with meaning. Love you sweetie.

  2. This poem is sacred ground. I tread lightly and speak softly to say how precious and poignant your words, Pam. Thank you for posting them for all of us to read and reflect and sigh. Heaven is near.

  3. brought tears to my eyes, as I remember my last conversations with my parents.

  4. LOVE YOU to the moon and's an honor to walk this life with you - with whatever it holds...

  5. Thank you, Galen, your words are precious to us.

  6. love you, dear Claudia, and I know you understand our walk right now...

  7. One of the most beautiful poems ever written, especially for those to whom it holds personal meaning... Tienes un arte y un don precioso, mamá. Te quiero <3

  8. Precious Pam - This is so very beautiful and must have meant a lot to you to put it in writing. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Aunt Diane

  9. Thanks, Pam. It IS a "sacred sharing" time and I'm glad father and son can share these moments. Your words brought tears to my eyes. This points us all to the thin veil between the tangible of today and the eternal.


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