February 23, 2013


There appear to be as many shades of miracles in the mind of God as there are hues of the colours in this world.  There are big, bold & bright ones which startle, excite and amaze.  There are deep, rich tones which are weighty & profound.  There are lighter pastel and joyous springtime ones.  There are fluorescent ones which are unmistakable to all - even in the dark - and yet there are also translucent ones, almost imperceptible to the human eye.

What colour are you waiting for?

When we exercise faith for miracles (of any kind), we often subconsciously “put in our order” for a certain colour.  I have tried to be really open about my faith struggle on this topic here.  God has me on a journey and I am still wading through answers & doubts, insights & perplexity, mystery & clarity, faith & sight…the stuff of the life of a pilgrim. I have struggled to make sense of His colours, His truths, His obvious undergirding of my faith to even believe at all and yet I am ashamed to say that I have also felt disappointment in Him. 

The disappointment comes when there is an unmet expectation or misalignment of a certain colour, of a certain miracle I am desiring (or something He seems to be indicating I should ask for) and what is given.  When something different comes in answer to the prayers, waiting, tears, community in agreement, alignment with the Word and occasionally words of prophecy or knowledge, I admit – I DON’T GET IT.  Really what this is about is that I don’t get the very sovereignty of God!  Hello!!  Why should I expect to “get” that!?

I have been realizing of late that God asks us to do many things in the Scriptures:  rest, trust, be thankful, sing, walk by faith, evidence the fruit of the Spirit, obey and lots of other things.  But He doesn’t ask us to UNDERSTAND.  Nope.  “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Is. 55:9)  Is this a relief to you as it was to me?   I DO NOT HAVE TO UNDERSTAND.  God releases me from understanding His ways.  Yes, as human beings we have a God-given desire - we are on a quest, if you will - to understand our lives & surroundings.  But what He clearly does ask is that I trust in His ways, that I acknowledge Him in all my ways, that I believe by faith in His generosity toward me, His desire to always prosper me, to always love, to always care, to always work all things together for good. Because of these truths, it should not be a burden to me to wonder what kind of miracle God will grant for me or my friend or for a certain nation I am burdened for.  His answers are always good – in fact, they are perfect.

Since the answer we get to our faith-filled request for a miracle is from Him, the colour we get is always perfect for us, our situation and His kingdom purposes in general.  It seems incredible but this includes pain & sickness, interruptions of all sorts in our lives, financial crises, relationship heartache, unfulfilled longings, loss & grief, etc. etc.  All the miracles are miracles, no matter their size.  All the hues are good, they are all given in perfect wisdom & love, they all include the greater good, they are all miraculous answers from the hand of God.  If all miracles are miracles – regardless of their size or shape or form - we could almost then say that God is colour blind!  Except that, I am certain He sees and measures each one of our situations with careful, loving attention & precision.  And I am also certain that His artist-hand mixes the paint Himself to make it the absolutely perfect hue from His most celestial palette of miracles!

So, about that colour you’re waiting for…

                                                                         …let Him mix the paint.

Photo by:  cobalt123

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