October 26, 2012

THE ROCK FROM WHICH YOU'RE CUT (on life calling)

"Look to the rock from which you were cut
and to the quarry from which you were hewn..."     Isaiah 51:1

The rock.
That sacred place you sensed The Call.
The granite altar where you said Yes.
It's the time & place you put down a stake that marked a change of direction -
and a piercing change of heart.

Through the years you've had to return there.
Sometimes with glad recognition & gratitude.
Sometimes with a heavy heart that is counting the cost.
Sometimes with desperate grasping for something solid to stand on
in the midst of deep questions & doubt.

But the rock is there.
Gaze on it often.  Ponder its meaning.
Consider its significance for today.
Gain strength & perspective from it.

And if there comes a desperate day
when you look back & cannot see it -
You must go away for a while with The Caller and listen.
Listen & watch.
Let Him paint the picture again,
whisper into your heart's memory,
remind you of the promise-words He gave you.

He will patiently revisit the quarry with you
and show you the place you were cut.
It will be a poignant visit.
It will be more sacred, more intimate than ever.
Because now you understand the cost.
Now you understand more about the price He paid for obedience.
Now you receive & live the rock's meaning with maturity.

The rock.
That hallowed place where you receive & renew your Call.
Let it give depth & security to today.
Treasure it.  Gain from it.

It's not just any rock.
It's your rock.
Live out your life as such.

Photo by: mikealten


  1. One of the churches we've attended in San Diego is called "The Rock". Great name ... and great thoughts, Pam. Thank you!

  2. good thoughts you always make me reflective, thanks Pam!


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