October 15, 2012

HEART-ENCOUNTER (on superficiality)

Let me be startled by Your vastness,
Hungry for Your profoundness,
Settled into your depths,
Grounded in your wideness.

For this superficiality around me
Has no meaning.
It is a painful & powerful barricade.
It has no soul or relational nutrition.
It is a filler of space.

Everyone runs from place to place,
Encounter to encounter,
Relationship to relationship,
Saying words but really saying nothing at all.
It is emptiness. It is insecurity.  It is fear.
It is all some have ever been shown or known.

Instead of trying to find that deep person
Let me be that deep person
And call it out in others.
Give me this privilege & skill, Lord.

Let me live from such a place of depth with You
That others are invited to the deeper side -
A place that is vast yet safe,
Wide yet intimate,
Open yet sheltering.
Let it be irresistibly wooing in me.

Let me be one to bring out others’
best reflections,
deepest ponderings,
intimate self-revelations,
in a place of heart-encounter
that You & I create.

I like that it’s You & I.
I like knowing this secret that deep & intimate relationships
Were Your idea, they are Your intention for mankind.
You modeled this.  You sacrificed for this.
And I love that I have experienced this with You.

Create now,
From Your vastness,
With & through me,
A place for heart-encounter.


  1. Yes! Pam you do call this out in us, and encourage us to pray these words over our own lives. Thanks for your genuineness.

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