September 6, 2012

THE SHADOW (on ministry fatigue)

This fatigue of the body,
the rawness of emotion,
the self-protective numbness of the soul,
leave me vulnerable.

A growing weariness of body, soul and spirit
have crushed me into David's dust.

Stress, and a certain grief & disappointment,
long hours of constant demands of people and their needs -
real, contrived, imagined, exaggerated,
even chosen & clung to -
(this sounds scarily like me)
weigh heavily like a wool blanket over me.

Sovereign One,
Lift me above this grey cloud,
Let me soar peacefully with You for a while...
Let me rest, oblivious, to the darkening, swirling turmoil below
Let me remain here!
Let me stay here in this Shadow of the Wings of One called Almighty.
Grant me this high & holy perspective when I return
Strengthen my hands for the work you have assigned to me.
Convince my weakened heart and soul again
of Your very certain love for me.
Renew my vision & eternal purpose
Grant me the insight of blessings.
Let me see You in all of this.

When I return to task,
I want to continually see You,
to work with an awareness of being under Your Shadow,
to be surrendered to Your cloud-lifting Presence throughout the day,
to live in that space where in all I do
You invade, You breathe, You inspire, You energize & You enable.

Let me abide in that Shadowed Place.


  1. TOTALLY relate... Thanks for putting my feelings into words. :)

  2. Another "wow" - so beautifully reflective of your pulse and speaks my heart on some levels also.

  3. Amen! Yes, Lord Jesus, faithful Cloud-lifter.

  4. i continuously read your blog with wonder... of the beauty and honesty... you are inspiring.


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