September 11, 2012



My life has been so serious in the last few months,
I've barely been able to breathe, never mind laugh.

How did it get like that?

Somewhere in the growing stream of flights, suitcases, ToDo's, phone calls, routines, presentations, projects, budgets, financial issues, pressing parental needs, attitudes, being "on" all the time during home assignment, living with others constantly as gracious as they are, missing home, health issues among us, college transitions and a million other things, my smile waned.

There was no time or space for fun except for some occasional, brief stints into diversion.

You know what?

I do not want to be like that.

So the other day I had a conversation with God while on a walk and I said,

"Please make me laugh again.
please make me fun for my children.
Please help me make my husband laugh right in the middle of his day.
Teach me the art of not taking life so seriously that there is no time
for fun or play or tickling or bubbles or funny movies.
Even as my kids grow older and the fun looks different,
Don't let me lose the spirit of it."

I realize that I may have a higher "fun quota" than some others;
I do feel a deep need for this in order to stay healthy.
And I am also aware that I have chosen a precariously serious profession.
But in the midst of it all, let me laugh!
Help me to sensitively draw in those around me who need this God-given release, too.
Bring out the inner child that is an expert at play
in the heart of the responsible adult, hard at God-given work.

Please make me fun to be with!

Jesus encouraged us to be like a child...
And I'm sure some of His reasons are about their spontaneity,
their ability to laugh at the silly,
their drivenness to play and their great joy in the simple.

Grant me that hilarity of God, 
The joyfulness of His Spirit,
in the midst of this seriousness 
called life.

photo by: melissa_dawn


  1. I'll say AMEN and AMEN to that!!! So true and so beautifully put! :)

  2. AMEN! perfect. i have never been so thankful that God put me in your life for those 30 minutes to show you the little that i know about blogging. WHAT AN HONOR! i think you are a MASTER at it!

  3. Reminds me to value my son Timothy: master of the one-word mood-lightener.


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