September 8, 2012


For some dear saints (D & S.O) 
who had to leave the field due to a debilitating illness....
but whose LOVE and LIFE CALL have beautifully merged
 as they live out HIS STORY in living colour before us all. 

When love begins so blissfully
Our imaginations write out our story
They run ahead of us joyfully –
Painting, sketching, splashing colours with abandon
It’s all part of the treasure-building season of First Love.

When Life Call is a strong undercurrent,
A guiding force in the First Love,
The world is yours!
You storm your country by force,
Laboring in prayer, battling spiritual forces,
Scattering seed, loving lavishly in word and deed,
Rejoicing in fruitfulness,
Identifying through the raising of your children among them,
Passionately pursuing language & cultivating a fascination with every aspect of the culture –
It is all burning within you.

And when That Day came
And this perfect union of First Love and Life Call were torn -
The pen was ripped from your hand.
Someone began to cross things out
of your imagined Life Story -
To erase, to revise, to change.
You were thrown, out of control and headlong,
into a Story unknown to you.
It is foreign.
It is unwanted.
It is not the one you imagined.
There were weeks and months and even years
Of resistance and grief and adjustment
To this new Life Story.
The middle chapters are bittersweet,
Full of questioning for the five.

When did you wake up and embrace it?
What was that moment like?
The one where you clearly saw
The Unseen Hand writing sovereignly
The day you chose to adjust the Life Call
Under His appointment
The day you declared: Our First Love will not change.

I’m sure the heavenlies cheered, no,
Exploded with joy on that day –
As well as every day you choose -
That your First Love will not change.

The chapters to come are written in His Book.
They are still unknown to you,
But they are known and precious to Him.
And every prayer you whisper, every love-deed you gift,
every patient enduring you demonstrate, every blue-eyed look of love or gratitude, is being recorded.

Your Story is different than you imagined.
But your Love is a Love Story worth telling,
Worth living,
Worth observing,
Worth praising,
Worth emulating,
Worth writing a book about,
And today – more than worth celebrating!

I’m glad you’re letting Him write your Story.
It is more beautiful, more poignantly His,
than any of us could have written or imagined.

Your Life Call and your First Love
Have merged into one.
And isn’t that what His Story is all about?

Happy, happy 25th.

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