August 10, 2012

THE QUIET MIRACLE (on signs & wonders)

It comes like a whisper
And brings a warming to the soul. 
It is a wink that passes between you and God.
It is not flashy.  It is not a spectacle.
But it produces, like a secret, a mysterious smile upon your lips.

Its quiet power and impact on you
Make it a miracle.
It´s not an obvious, public, dramatic sign or wonder
to be published or televised.
But it´s a sign to you.
It´s a wonder between you and God.

These quiet miracle-whispers
come in innumerable forms daily.
So I open up my heart to perceive 
through eyes, ears and all my senses -
The quiet works
of the God of signs and wonders.

On wanting to understand the small, quiet, daily miracles in our family's life as well as the big obvious, more dramatic ones.  Wanting to notice & to be grateful.

photo by:  thamimzy

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