August 26, 2012


The heavens move…
Long before I notice.
I struggle to understand on earth the coming about of certain God-things ...
The way He will move,
The kairos moment He will choose,
The delays He will insert,
His pieces of choice that He will weave together.
I long for that “spiritual understanding of His will”,*
To just know a little bit how to proceed.
But I don´t see, I don´t perceive...
I wait.

The dark realm moves...
And I am slow to notice.
A sinister movement against His purposes, His movement, His timing.
It is very real.
My heart recalls that “there is nothing that is not subject to Him”*
The schemes are really against me; a battle for my upward trust, my choice of quiet confidence,
My leaning on God-plans and not on human action.
I am the target.

Over all these movings, He reigns.
He is not puzzled. He is not in a rush. He is not worried.
He is conducting.
He is orchestrating The Moving. 
He is stirring pray-ers, moving nations, crushing evil plans,
He is bringing together a season of lessons for me,
He is preparing a testimony for the observers: the casual, the intimate and the heavenly
He is synthesizing my life into kingdom work, into history work, into Greater Glory work
Oh that He would “make known to [me] the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure which he purposed in Christ”!*
I rest in His purposes.

The heavens move...
And I notice.
I notice the moving of the One “who works out everything for the purpose of his will”*
I notice His guarantee that He will make known to me spiritually just enough of the mystery to obey, to take the next step.
Just enough of the mystery to rest.
Just enough of the mystery to stand firm.
I notice just enough of the mystery of The Moving to continue to wait
For the Greater Glory.

Written as our family struggles to understand healing, faith and medical intervention and their interplay.  My husband has a tumor in his ear and we have wondered how to proceed...

*Colossians 1:9
**Hebrews 2:8
***Ephesians 1:9
****Ephesians 1:11

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  1. This is my favorite of your writings so far!!! This blessed me today! Aslan is on the move... Love and hugs to you!


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