July 18, 2012

He Wrecks Me

“Steven wrecks me.”*

This was the commentary of one brother about his sibling to me yesterday.

And it rocked me.

It transformed the break we were having at a retreat my family and I are attending.  It became the catalyst for pondering and competed in my heart with the great teaching and beautiful sharing in small groups.

It doesn´t mean what you may think.  It was not a reflection of sibling rivalry.

This was spoken with admiration & affection by the younger brother of his older, special needs brother.

Of the brother whose genuineness and vulnerability disarms you.  Of the one whose openness devastates your own personal secretiveness.  Of the one whose tender affection for those around him whom he just met & scarcely knows puts you to shame.

The one who wrecks you.

It´s not unlike what the Holy Spirit does to my heart when He pierces with a penetrating word, when He convicts me of my hidden issues, habits, sins.  Or when He ministers deeply the soothing love that comes in balmy, pure waves.  The Holy Spirit touches in ways and in places that no one else can.

Steven is like that. 

He just wrecks you.

*not his real name

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  1. Precious Pam! I neede this reminder of the need for the pure, simple, truth in communication in my life and relationships, come what may.


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