July 23, 2012

Fix My Gaze

Don´t let my eyes slip off You, Lord, as I believe you for this miracle.

I don´t demand it but I do wait expectantly for it.

Set my gaze.  Fix my eyes.

My line of vision appears to determine the state of my heart.  Protect my heart as it guards the trust-lessons learned.  Allow me to walk in faith gained from the previous miracle.

Where there is weakness of faith, increase it.

When I hear doubters, don´t let me waiver.  Don´t let them tempt me to anxiety, discouragement or lessening of faith.  Strengthen my resolve.

I fully expect You to glorify Yourself in this, Lord, for this is all up to You.

And I fully expect my heart to explode in praise and my knees to bow in humble re-awareness that You are God.  The God of miracles.  The Rewarder of faith.  The Provider of all I need.

Fix my gaze, Lord.

On the news that our daughter was denied residency which would give her in-state tuition at her university (price will be 3x as much).  And our other daughter was for some strange reason not given her grants of the last 2 years.  God is up to something and forcing us to lean more deeply into Him...

Photo by:  loupiote (Old Skool)

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