June 16, 2012


Today I wanted to be red & yellow like Spain
Bright, bold, loud
I was laughing, telling stories, using phrases & tones familiar here
I almost fooled myself.

When I came home
It was to a long To Do list
Of things to pack for our upcoming trip to the US
And I had to think more red, white & blue
But just a little.

Our guests tonight were lovely latinos
And I was delighted & absorbed
In being light blue & white of my beloved Argentina
Sweet, fun and sharing our mate* around the table
My heart was at home.

Tomorrow some Arab guests arrive
And in spite of the revolutions of late
I will be a demure wife
And cook in abundance
And treat my guests as king
I will be a North African green.

My colours sometimes collide
Like the hard, coloured billiard balls
That spin off into opposing directions
Other times they meet gracefully
And willingly melt into each other like paints.

The Lord of Colours knows me
And my many shades
He helps me make sense of my schizophrenic palette
And blends the hues that make me, me.

photo by:  Linda Cronin

*Mate:  a hot, herbal, tea-like drink from Argentina, Uruguay & so. Brazil.  The shared gourd & metal straw make it the symbol of friendship.


  1. This is one of my favorites so far....!!

  2. I think my absolute favorite, seriously. i relate to those billiard balls and paints so well!!!!!!


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