May 11, 2012


Is there something kind of gross in your country?  Edgy, maybe?  Disturbing?

Well, here´s one of mine from Spain:

This Queso Tetilla literally means what it looks like:  Little Boob Cheese.  It´s true.

Ok, ok. So some fine people translate it as Small Breast Cheese.  Who are they kidding?!  It´s sitting in a window on display for crying out loud!  I think it deserves my translation.

So, of course, these kinds of oddities make one wonder...

Who masterminded this and what was his/her intent?
How do you cut it up - never mind serve it - without laughing hysterically, being a stumbling block to someone, or blushing?
Who buys more of them - men or women?

I am sad to say that it has not made it onto my grocery list yet.  But what I AM pondering, though, is how it could possibly help me during my next mammogram...hmmmm. 

Here are some in a little row...

(Sorry these photos aren´t too great; I guess I was going overboard on trying to be discreet!)

These are produced in Galicia in the north.  A little perspective for you:  that´s where the famous pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago is.  A Pilgrimage Route.  Does this make any sense to you?!  Do they serve these to hungry pilgrims???  Is it part of a spiritual test of some sort?

I really feel for our men in Spain who want to live for God.  At the beach there´s topless women and at the grocery store there´s....these.

Am I the only one bothered by these edible prosthetic breasts?  Is there an outraged protest group somewhere I don´t know about that I can join?

They have just taken culture too far!

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