April 7, 2012


(For Saturday - the most overlooked day on Easter weekend)

Friday was Black.
Dark.  Horrible.
Filled with evil deeds met with unbelievable gentleness
And surrender. And resolution.
People at their worst screamed:
But now it´s over.  Very much over.

Saturday is quiet.
But not a peaceful quiet.
It´s a troubled, sad quiet.
It´s a remorseful quiet.
Every character in this real-life play
Is turning over questions:
“Did we do the right thing?”
“Who was that man?”
“Did I get carried away with the crowd”?
“Will there be a backlash from my verdict yesterday?”

But the most tortuous questions
Were whispered by His own.
Through fear and shock
They did not even dare speak them aloud:
“Did yesterday really happen?”
“Where is God today?”
“Who am I today without the Teacher´s business to do?”

During the day the questions deepen,
Turn to the impossible:
“What did He mean by ´on the third day...´?”
“Is who He seemed to be really over?”
“What if....?”  "What now?"

The sadness & disbelief weigh heavy
BUT - there is a shift in tone.
The questions begin to usher in another mood -
It is not yet expectancy
(for they cannot hope again in light of Friday´s failure).

But they remember words & phrases of the Christ...
Their meaning still cloudy.
And in the rewinding of the tape in their minds,
Their honest sadness begins to wander...
And they wonder what they understood – if anything.
They wonder:  “What is a Messiah?”
Wonder if they understood their Book...
They wonder if they should have hope.

On Saturday, nothing is clear
There only hangs heavy with the sadness...

I´m glad I know what Sunday brings...
Hope!  Life!  Victory!
But mostly...

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