April 9, 2012


I know I am at risk here.

At risk of leaving out over a gazillion examples of cultural wonderment.

But some characteristics of this lovely place for me would certainly be:

The unbelievable hospitality of Morocco where the guest is king.
The robust cuisine and exquisite artwork of Italy.
The respectful politeness of Japan.
The colours of South Africa without the injustice.
The commitment of the persecuted church of China.
The siestas of Mexico.
The strength of character of the UK.
The beaches of the Caribbean. 
The fútbol passion and talent of Argentina. :)
The quaint cafés of France.
The value of family & relationships of Greece.
The majestic wildlife of Kenya.
The delicate brush of calligraphy of Saudi Arabia.
The customer service of the US. :)
The exotic flavours of India without the poverty.
The intercession of Korea.
The strum of guitars & emotion of flamenco of Spain.
The white smiles of children in Mali.
The perfect weather of Guatemala.
The warming, spicy chai of Pakistan (& its lovely people to share it with).
The mysteries of the desert of Algeria.
The music of Jamaica...

...and my friends with their many faces,
from many places,
there in one spot.

Our heavenly country will certainly be full
of the most unimaginable flavours & colours! 

What would your perfect country include?  Leave me a note!

photo by Laura Dunn-Mark


  1. Talk about IDEAL! hhhaha You mentioned nothing that I wouldn't absolutely LOVE to have in my 'perfect country', that's for sure! Now I really can't wait 'till heaven!!

  2. yes yes yes!!!! i could add to the list forever!!!!


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