April 3, 2012


I´m curious about His movings lately.
Curious about strange stirrings, pieces moving, the unexpected taking place.
And really curious about bigger things happening around me -
things in neighbouring places, rippling their effect outward and around me.
What could it mean?

I´m pondering things in my heart today.
Pondering His whisperings.
Pondering His gathering of "coincidences".
And really pondering the move of the Spirit over the face of the earth in my region.
Whatever could it mean?

Just wanted to say, Lord....
that I´m listening
and observing
And that You fascinate me.
You draw me with both the obvious & the subtle.
All Your plans are good...even transitions.
I will welcome them, embrace them,
Obey-Love You through them.

I´m curious
about what You´ll do then.

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