March 14, 2012


(For Dani)

We are more alike than you know...
     You and me.

Struggles for independence and thirsting to be free -
The tugging between today´s comforts & security
And tomorrow´s growth & liberty.
Yearning to come out of the cocoon, to be born, to fly!

One minute we´re content and very present -
Other times we are distant & brooding.
Wrong responses sometimes come unbidden...
because of gazing at the greener grass ahead,
At the meadows bright with sunny opportunity.

All of it means times are changing
     For you and me.

You are growing into the woman who will soon be launched out into the world.
I am growing into the woman I was perhaps supposed to be long ago -
But was too afraid or not ready.

And now your upcoming departure is upon us, 
thrusting us both into our new lives –
And our new selves.

Are we ready?
We think so one day & not so much the next.

It´s funny...
We´re so much more alike than you know
     You and me.

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  1. Pam -- you are such a gifted writer! I love this! Keep 'em coming!


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