March 27, 2012


For Mr. Adventure
(who brings life & meaning to leather)

Leather Magic

Has left its trail – and its fragrance -

In many lands.

Round as the globe it has travelled around

It has spun a tale,

a true story.

It has been both microphone & podium,

A bearer of “good tidings of great joy.”

It has bounced & swished on dirt & cement,

On asphalt & hardwood.

But floor is irrelevant

When the stage is alive with body art
Skillful sportsmanship delivered with grace
Bodies mixin´ it up

For the love of the game –

And for the love of a Savior.

The leather life-seed has been scattered –

It has sprouted & blossomed & blown in the wind

To places even unknown to us.

It´s time for Leather Magic again.

Time for a new kind of sweat

For it´s a new day.

The timeline looks different now...

The courts, the borders, the faces are new.

The Prince of the Game

Is calling you.

To play a second half...

To lead the team home to another victory.

Your role is different

And the uniform feels big.

But the door is you.

To you and your Leather Magic.

I will definitely be in the stands

To watch this half!

And for all eternity we will watch

The replays

Of the kingdom of God on earth.

Photo by:  Muggeridge Photography

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