March 20, 2012


(For the beautiful dancers I have been privileged to watch -
 but mostly to the one I have been honored to raise.)

External movement -
demonstrating beauty, achingly, gracefully strong.
Founded on effort, exquisite technique, attention to detail.
Developed through pain, determination, a striving for perfection.
We marvel at the body, revel in the story it tells,
are stirred by the emotion of this corporal expression.
Our eyes see and our soul is moved 
by this external dance.

Yet unseen to the eye
is the dance within.
Its internal force is great -
for it drives the outward dance the world sees.
It is a deep place
exercised in emotions in all their hues...
A place that has known great joy & deep sorrow
A place that has grappled with anger, frustration, 
even rage & violence & injustice.
A place that has a well-watered soul and spirit-garden.
A place that has known - and loved - its Creator.

And so it is that when a body moves
from a developed inward dance
these deeper things bubble forth...
they cascade out naturally, genuinely, powerfully.

Dance from that place.

Photo of Daniela by Vanessa

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