March 26, 2012


(On Hospitality)

Crazy Chaos came to my house.
The overlapping of both things
Expected & unexpected
Of people invited & those who just “showed up”
Of the ongoing, everyday chores
And the extra load required by these “angels unaware.”

We rise & fall in the waves of guests...
Between blessed & blessing,
Between fun & tiring,
Between stretched & rewarded.

This is part of the life we have chosen -
This international hostel we run
That completely baffles our neighbours!

The kids finally reach the point 
where they long for their own rooms again,
Their own space, their parents to themselves,
And I long for my routine & the quiet to focus.

Yet when they finally leave,
And we sigh...
It is only partly in relief.
It is mostly of satisfaction and of sharing
And of blessing.
Yes, of blessing -
In the Crazy Chaos.

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