March 27, 2012


For Mr. Adventure
(who brings life & meaning to leather)

Leather Magic

Has left its trail – and its fragrance -

In many lands.

Round as the globe it has travelled around

It has spun a tale,

a true story.

It has been both microphone & podium,

A bearer of “good tidings of great joy.”

It has bounced & swished on dirt & cement,

On asphalt & hardwood.

But floor is irrelevant

When the stage is alive with body art
Skillful sportsmanship delivered with grace
Bodies mixin´ it up

For the love of the game –

And for the love of a Savior.

The leather life-seed has been scattered –

It has sprouted & blossomed & blown in the wind

To places even unknown to us.

It´s time for Leather Magic again.

Time for a new kind of sweat

For it´s a new day.

The timeline looks different now...

The courts, the borders, the faces are new.

The Prince of the Game

Is calling you.

To play a second half...

To lead the team home to another victory.

Your role is different

And the uniform feels big.

But the door is you.

To you and your Leather Magic.

I will definitely be in the stands

To watch this half!

And for all eternity we will watch

The replays

Of the kingdom of God on earth.

Photo by:  Muggeridge Photography

March 26, 2012


(On Hospitality)

Crazy Chaos came to my house.
The overlapping of both things
Expected & unexpected
Of people invited & those who just “showed up”
Of the ongoing, everyday chores
And the extra load required by these “angels unaware.”

We rise & fall in the waves of guests...
Between blessed & blessing,
Between fun & tiring,
Between stretched & rewarded.

This is part of the life we have chosen -
This international hostel we run
That completely baffles our neighbours!

The kids finally reach the point 
where they long for their own rooms again,
Their own space, their parents to themselves,
And I long for my routine & the quiet to focus.

Yet when they finally leave,
And we sigh...
It is only partly in relief.
It is mostly of satisfaction and of sharing
And of blessing.
Yes, of blessing -
In the Crazy Chaos.

March 20, 2012


(For the beautiful dancers I have been privileged to watch -
 but mostly to the one I have been honored to raise.)

External movement -
demonstrating beauty, achingly, gracefully strong.
Founded on effort, exquisite technique, attention to detail.
Developed through pain, determination, a striving for perfection.
We marvel at the body, revel in the story it tells,
are stirred by the emotion of this corporal expression.
Our eyes see and our soul is moved 
by this external dance.

Yet unseen to the eye
is the dance within.
Its internal force is great -
for it drives the outward dance the world sees.
It is a deep place
exercised in emotions in all their hues...
A place that has known great joy & deep sorrow
A place that has grappled with anger, frustration, 
even rage & violence & injustice.
A place that has a well-watered soul and spirit-garden.
A place that has known - and loved - its Creator.

And so it is that when a body moves
from a developed inward dance
these deeper things bubble forth...
they cascade out naturally, genuinely, powerfully.

Dance from that place.

Photo of Daniela by Vanessa

March 14, 2012


(For Dani)

We are more alike than you know...
     You and me.

Struggles for independence and thirsting to be free -
The tugging between today´s comforts & security
And tomorrow´s growth & liberty.
Yearning to come out of the cocoon, to be born, to fly!

One minute we´re content and very present -
Other times we are distant & brooding.
Wrong responses sometimes come unbidden...
because of gazing at the greener grass ahead,
At the meadows bright with sunny opportunity.

All of it means times are changing
     For you and me.

You are growing into the woman who will soon be launched out into the world.
I am growing into the woman I was perhaps supposed to be long ago -
But was too afraid or not ready.

And now your upcoming departure is upon us, 
thrusting us both into our new lives –
And our new selves.

Are we ready?
We think so one day & not so much the next.

It´s funny...
We´re so much more alike than you know
     You and me.

March 3, 2012



It´s not what I thought it would be
This leaving my heart on foreign soil.
I expected to have my heart change & I embrace that.

But this Immigrant Child of mine
Has a foreign stamp on her I hardly recognize
She´s him and me and...
...and something else
Something vaguely familiar
(Because I have lived in many places, too.)
But it left a different impression on her
A mysteriously ethnic mark on her soul...

It´s beyond her “native speaker” ability in the language
That is way too obvious & simple
It´s ways of thought, values-based decisions (on values different from mine)
Relational patterns, things held dear, things subconscious
Something colourful & mystical to me.

Sometimes she feels completely other-worldly 
She doesn´t fight my causes, defend the same things I hold dear,
Get motivated by the things I do,
Or cheer for the same teams as I.

And though I thought I wasn´t nationalistic about my home country
When she attacked it
I defended it!
I didn´t anticipate that.

She is her own world, her own person
And she´s making her own life with her God.

So I lay things at the altar I didn´t expect to;
There are many of them.
And when I lay down the right to understand her as her mother
It is a holy moment.

It is a holy moment of sacred surrender,
And of a tender trust in the One who loved her first.
In the One who completely understands her.

Her destiny is still unclear.
But as I release my right to understand her
Tears begin to fall...
And I decide, I make a choice
To open-handedly and open-heartedly celebrate
My Immigrant Girl.

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