January 1, 2012


"When I come home, God meets me here..."

Wow.  That has to be one of the most powerful - and wonderful - statements I have ever heard.

My oldest daughter said it recently at the end of two weeks with us at Christmastime.  We hadn´t seen her for one whole long year and we were drinking in every day with her.

What is it about home that creates an environment where we can meet God?  Is it the people that lead or inspire you?  Is it the welcoming sense of belonging that lets you be truly transparent?  Is it the familiar atmosphere that you´ve missed and that breathes comfortableness & cherished memories & unconditional love?  Or is it in the heart-history of traditions, stories told, Scriptures opened, songs sung, prayers breathed together?

For us I think it is some of all of that but also because we have been on a spiritual journey together over the years.  At times Dad has lead it, other times Mom and now, often one of the kids leads it. And in each of our kids´ journeys with God, the home has been a place for discovery, for conversation, sometimes for animated theological debates.  Sometimes these have been painful, revealing, humbling. Sometimes we have had to "agree to disagree" on certain theological points.  But there has always been love.  And an encouragement to try new expressions and new veins of thinking.  To question Mom and Dad´s ways of doing things and beliefs.  To make your belief system & spirituality your own.

Some people never come home to this.  Either because there is no faith or perhaps because there is a kind of rigid faith present which allows no space for discovery...or questions...or exploration.

While we have done what we could, I know it has been GRACE that has covered our meager efforts.  Like the line in the song Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle:  ¨In all that I´ve done wrong, I know I  must´ve done something right to deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night...¨  In the end, it is only that there is a mysterious GRACE present in our home.  Something unexplainable yet palpable.

I feel awed and blessed to be living in a family space where God meets us - right here at home.


  1. Such sweetness! Loved reading it. Sounds like your time was blessed!

  2. It was so blessed! Hope yours was, too!


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