December 12, 2011


So tonight my husband made Peras al Vino.  For those of you “foodies” this may seem like a perfectly normal husband thing to do.  Let me assure you that in my house the gourmet ceiling for my husband is pancakes and tapioca.  So for him to tackle these rich pears simmered in sweetened red wine is right up there with miracles.

How were they you ask?  Were they divine like they were at our friend Begonia´s house where we first had them?  Not exactly.  They need tweaking.  But it was the adorable, excited twinkle in his eye as he made them that caused them to ooze with deliciousness.  It was the incredible out-of-the-box-out-of-the-ordinary that made this gesture extraordinary.

And here´s the most touching part.  He is actually planning this for our daughter´s return for Christmas from college.  She´s been gone for one year and we are all dizzy with joy that there are only 5 more days until she returns.  Since she loves them, he called our friend Begonia, got her recipe, bought pears and made them.  And this is the thing:  he´s practising.  For her.  To welcome her with something special and unusual that she won´t expect him to do.

Isn´t he the best?

Let me know if you want his recipe! 


  1. I LOVE this - so super sweet! AND Yes! Please! Post the recipe (Happily I think I have some of that sweet wine in my house now!!) ENJOY being a family of 5 again - and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. I would love the recipe and thanks for the sweet story! And I bet the reunion was awesome :)


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