September 8, 2011


In some of my darkest days I have cried out to God that I believed He was able to save me, rescue me, lift me from the pit where I found myself.  My theology in His omnipotence was intact.  What waivered, though, and almost broke my heart, was the ensuing question:  if You are able, but don´t, that must mean You are not willing.  Why are You not willing?

All Powerful.  All Present.  All Knowing.  Where does the “willing” piece fit?  

As parents, we are all challenged at critical points to let our child reap consequences or learn a lesson we have the power to rescue them from.  Yet our greater knowledge of life coupled with our love which drives us to do even the most difficult of love tasks – watch them suffer when we have the power to rescue them – enables and motivates us.

If our child were dying from a terrible illness and we didn´t have the power to save, that would feel very different.  To be unable is very different from being unwilling.  A child may cry out to you for help but will also instinctively know when you have done all you can.

Have you ever used the phrase “I love you too much to let you disobey”?  Did your child like it?  Mine didn´t!  Yet today they are starting to see in numerous friends the results of permissive love – and it ain´t pretty.  They have classmates whose parents have harvested children who cannot wait, have no respect for authority, try to get attention in inappropriate ways and are completely self-centered.  Curiously enough, children intuitively know that love also must involve boundaries.

Might our hearts be somewhat like that child who knows their parents love them but dislikes the process they use to show it?

The obvious breakdown of the parental example, of course, is that we are imperfect.  Our love is flawed.  Our knowledge falls dreadfully short.  And we can certainly not be everywhere (some moms come close!)  Yet like our children, is it not possible to grow in our trust of His perfect love and knowledge in the use of His power?  To rest in the fact that power will be released only in harmony with perfect love and perfect knowledge?  This perfect triage always works together.

Like the dear one in Mark 1:40 who verbalized our heart question “If You are willing, You can make me clean.” the Saviour compassionately answers, “I am willing.”  But it is a healing guided by and in complete alignment with His Omnipotent-Omnipresent-Omniscient character.  It is perfect in distribution, timing and in catalytic-kingdom-producing results.  It prioritizes the Kingdom, His glory and our good.

Is He willing?  Yes!

It just looks differently than what we would like sometimes.  Rest on His character and His harmonious triage of work in you.

He is able – and willing.

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