August 20, 2011


(for beautiful Jenna)

Twenty years with you
Mystery and beauty and artful laughter
Profound yet genuine, tender yet wilful
These are some things
That we love about you.

We prayed, desiring, for you
Rejoiced in the knowledge of you
Fell in love the day we met you –
Those big browns – so captivating, so focused...
Unashamedly, we melted.
And throughout the years as you
imagined, discovered, tested & learned -
You grew.

There were moments when time stopped.
And there are certain scenes -
Tender-moment scenes, close-call scenes,
 hilarity-scenes, serendipitous-scenes,
Forever etched
Upon a mother-heart and father-heart
And these, we treasure.

But there is a certain magic to now -
To these years of becoming.
Of self-discovery, of mastering relationships,
Of life lessons, hard and pulling.
There is an enthralling foreign film
"Now Playing" in front of us.
And your God rises up in you
And calls those around you to attention
To truth, to mystery, to beauty
To all that is Him
Crafted out uniquely in you.

Twenty years with you –
Treasure and collage and adventure
Soulful yet joyful, global yet homey
These are some things
That we love about you.

pjs 19/8/11


(For Karis as she turns 13)

There is a fragrance that is yours.
Only yours.
No one else has it or ever will.
The world calls it your signature scent...
Your favourite perfume that on you smells differently than on other people.
You may recognize the perfume somewhere else but
On you it will smell slightly different.

Did you know Jesus doesn´t smell the same on everybody?
Your body-temple, your personality & traits, your Spirit-given gifts...
All the unique essence of you
Makes the perfume of Jesus unique on you.
How cool is that?

As you grow up & get to know yourself better,
Always be yourself.
Be real.  Be genuine.  Be satisfied with the unique you.
Jesus sure is.
He delights in you, calls you His princess, sings over you.

Your unique self plus Jesus are unbeatable!
Unforgettable!  Head-turning!
The magnificent fragrance of Jesus in the unique you
Is there to engage this world in a picture of the Savior
That only you can give.

Your signature scent is uniquely Karis.
It´s full of grace & good fruits.
It´s attractive.  It´s  irresistible.  It´s addictive.
So, go on and wow the world, already!

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and
 through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.” 
2 Cor. 2:14

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