February 17, 2011

Laser Saber Prayers

Today I prayed for a "laser saber".

I had never prayed for one before.

But today I "HAD TO FIND" a laser saber for my son who thought the world could possibly come to an end if he didn´t have one for a carnival tomorrow at school. You see, tomorrow he will go to this festival at school dressed as the coolest Darth Vader ever and our former laser saber from the dime store was trashed a long time ago.

Yesterday we had walked all over our pueblo looking for one. This was a test of my patience and selfish weighing of "all the more important things I could be doing". It was a test for him of surrendering his "ideal costume" to a potentially frumpier one made of cardboard toilet paper rolls duct taped together or some other homemade version. We both came home discouraged and out of time to do anything more about it. Unfortunately, I did not have the spiritual insight & sensitivity to do a laser saber prayer together then. He had a rather sad face at dinner.

Later on I was convicted that there are way too many times that I am overly demanding of something I want or need. It may not be very important in the bigger scheme of things but it´s important to me. How many times has God looked with mercy on me in my immaturity and given me something I totally didn´t deserve? How about every day of my life! Sometimes even asking for spiritual things - ministry results, multiplied time or insight, even miracles - can be selfishly motivated. In His wisdom He knows that my version of a request can be off target from what His hand full of mercy is poised to do.

I resolved to set out this morning and find a laser saber. But I prayed as I got in the car. That I would find it (for a good price!) and be able to bless my son´s day. That he would know gratefulness. That I would walk in selflessness. That buying a laser saber would make me very conscious of my own sword of the Spirit. That I could bless someone while I was out. That my son and I could talk of good and evil, Darth Vader and the Force and be glad to know Jesus, the Victor. The laser saber prayer led me down a sweet trail.

I can´t wait to give it to him!

And I can´t wait to pray another laser saber prayer tomorrow...

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