February 23, 2011


What happens when there is a conversation between a left-brained person and a right-brained person?

Do harmony, happiness and bliss come to mind? No, they do not.

I´ll tell you what happens at my house: Intuitive, feeling-sensing types end up hurt and the rational, practical ones believe the intuitive, feeling-sensing types make absolutely no sense! One is looking through an intuitive, more visual holistic grid of how it affects people and the other is peering through a lens of logical, sequential steps from A to Z. Do you know what I´m talking about?!
One study put it like this: "The left side of the brain is the seat of language and processes in a logical and sequential order. The right side is more visual and processes intuitively, holistically, and randomly."
Do you know what "logical" and "intuitive" or "sequential" and "random" have in common? Nothing.

It is said that "Love covers a multitude of sins." When Mr. Adventure and I were newlyweds, our blind, new love did indeed cover up many, many sins. But through the years reality set in, decisions grew more and more complex, life became extremely busy and there are times we seem to be less and less willing & able to let love cover.

Whether the issue is a simple "Should we invite so-and-so over for dinner?" or a complex "Should we move to another continent?", I am still learning to practice loving listening, to not let his "practicality" shout "uncaring!", to allow myself to push past my own myopia to get inside his head and see things the way he sees them. Tonight I have been challenged again to let love cover.

When we were in Morocco we were in a study program with some others and one of our assignments was keeping a journal of our emotions. This was separate from our journal of cultural observations. Personally, I thought it was hilarious to watch us all turn in our assignments: my "emotions" journal meant multiple photocopies and the guys´ journals were about the size of a 3x5" index card! There is never any lack in the emotions department for me. I got the highest grade in the class on my journal! haha

I like to say that I "think emotionally". I´m not sure Mr. Adventure would believe "think" and "emotion" belong in the same sentence! But we desperately need each other. Just think if someone had a perfectly balanced right-left brain. Well, that´s us! It´s just that he has one half and I have the other half. Bringing them together is the goal and the challenge. Let´s choose to LET LOVE COVER.

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