February 17, 2011


You are my strong Deliverer
In every day, in every moment
In every darkness, in every emotion
Changing, moving, transferring
From kingdom of darkness to light.

You are my strong Healer
In every pain, in every wound
In every memory, in every weakness
Touching, ministering, curing
From pallet to rejoicing walk.

You are my strong Redeemer
In every confusion, in every sin
In every beguilement, in every habit
Transforming, saving, lifting
From desert to beautiful garden.

You are my strong Lover
In every season, in every stage
In every state, in every age
Wooing, embracing, intoxicating
From unlovely to beloved.

You are my strong Warrior
In every gene, in every cell
In every experience, in every self-battle
Overriding, warring, triumphing
From victim to victor.
Pjs 12/18/10

Photo by: Matt Brandon, Digital Trekker
Used by permission

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