November 25, 2010

My Garden Walk

My daily walk is a necessity.

And my favorite place to walk is in the country. There´s something about all that...nature. It´s so basic and natural, almost primal - except it´s too exquisite to use that word.

I am clearly spoiled here in sunny Spain because I love a clear day with sun and this place is so obliging! My nearby fields are grassy and somewhat hilly and are replete with cooling trees, wildflowers, some horses and herbs. I pluck an occasional orange or find some ripe berries. I love picking rosemary and taking draughts of it all throughout my walk. It´s healing and stimulating all at the same time (the original - and free! - aromatherapy).

I live near olive groves and so they abound on my walks. Is that so New Testament or what?! Walking fast and breathing deep make the endorphins flow - but even better, my heart begins to flow in worship and I can pray without man-made distractions.

I usually bring my dog and since she´s a hunting dog (although she´s never caught me anything), she runs for the joy of it, smelling and looking and having the time of her life. It´s her absolute favorite thing to do. I can´t believe how much joy I get from seeing her do precisely what she was created to do. And I muse: Do I give God that kind of joy when I am flowing in what I am created to do?

So, here´s a sacred confession: I feel most alive when I am out in nature communing with Him like that. Sometimes I bring music, other times it´s quiet, sometimes I walk hard the entire time but other days He stops me somewhere along the way and He speaks...or we just ARE...together. Sometimes I bring my journal and my Bible and find a place to sit and listen or pour out my heart. He shares secrets with me.

We all have different ways of connecting with God, different favorite places to spend time with Him. I often reflect on the Garden of Eden and imagine what it must have been like for Adam and Eve to walk and talk with the God of the universe in the cool of the day? I would have LOVED to be there........pre-sin, perfect Garden, perfect Companion.

For now I walk in grace in a garden not far from here.....and it is good.

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