November 25, 2010

Got Adventure?

This is my husband, the soldier. He has the gift of apostle and is always pushing us "to where no man has gone before" - at least beyond other "normal" people. Sometimes I want to "just be normal". But today I´m in a good place and feeling adventurous.

When I was younger I was happy to sign up for an exciting, adventurous life. As I got older, acquired responsibilities, went through different terrains and seasons, I felt more savy - but also more weary.

Battle fatigue comes with the territory I´ve been told. It´s good to know I´m normal in that sense! But why is it that I am continually wearier than he? Oh the injustice of it! How can he be so energetic, so productive, so full of vision and how does he juggle all the ongoing projects, trips, reports and people needs? He is a mystery to me still, even after 22 years. :)

His amazing discipline, focus, strength, perseverance and positive attitude is a strength to me and to our team. We joke about him being a "máquina" (a machine), evidenced by his apparent resistance to jetlag, eagerness to do airport runs at any hour and an incredible ability to push himself.

Once in a while I catch a glimpse of his humanity: a nap on the couch, forgetfulness, double booking or an occasional inability to stay awake during a movie. He works harder than almost anyone I know.

In spite of his focus on the job, he is faithfully available to us and I am so grateful for his desire to have coffee with me, play fútbol with his son, take his daughters out on a date and just "to be" with us. He is the first one up from the table to wash dishes, the first one up in the morning to make 2 mates (his & hers) and the first one to volunteer to help someone struggling in math.

Wow. Am I blessed.

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